Friday, March 4, 2011

Stand up to Monsanto!

A benefit concert for organic farmer Steve Marsh

7pm - midnight, Saturday 16th April
Fly By Night, Fremantle

Emily Barker (UK)

Winner of the Country song of the year and Regional song of the year at the West Australian Music Songwriting Awards (2005)

Dilip and the Davs

Funky Freo dance sounds, with pumping rhythms, well crafted lyrics and memorable melodies.

Dom Coyote (UK)

Dark folk combined with pulsing rhythms, spoken word and haunting melodies

Jacob from Dream State Circus

Hand balancing, juggling, knives, whips. This show is a brilliant balance between comedy and dangerŠliterally!!!

The Majik Trolls

Hillbilly rock from Nannup


Crossing the borders of genres such as blues, folk, hip-hop, reggae and rock.


Exotic belly dancers from South Freo

Delicious organic food will be available on the night.

All proceeds will go towards supporting Steve.

Tickets $28.50 in advance from or $30 on the door
For more info visit:

Who is Steve Marsh?

Steve Marsh is an organic farmer from Kojonup who lost his organic certification on 70 per cent of his land, when genetically modified (GM) canola blew in over the fence from his neighbour's paddock. Under the current law the only way that Steve can recoup his losses is to sue his GM growing neighbour, who is being supported by GM giant Monsanto. Already Steve's legal fees amount to tens of thousands of dollars and he accepts he could lose his family farm in this legal battle.

What's wrong with GM crops?

GM canola was introduced in Western Australia last year despite serious concerns remaining about its environmental and human health impacts. When GM canola was fed to rats it resulted in increased liver sizes of up to 15 per cent - yet our regulators tell us it is safe to eat! The introduction of GM canola will also increase herbicide use and threaten the ability of conventional and organic farmers to grow non-GM crops.

Please join with us in standing up against the gene giant Monsanto and helping ensure justice for small family farmers!

A fantastic array of International and Western Australian performers are rallying round to support Steve by playing at the gig, and big names such as Michael Franti, the Cat Empire and Dave Mann have donated merchandise for us to auction on the night.

"We want clean air, water, and food. That's why we are supporting

organic farmers in this way".

Front man/trumpeter Harry Angus from the Cat Empire