Wednesday, December 18, 2013


It seems, overnight, someone or a number of ones, placed two items on or inside the fence at the Old Esplanade Hotel site, Middleton Beach, Albany, Western Australia.

As you will note, by the number of entries on this blog site, this is not new. What is new is the speed of their withdrawal.

Here's the rumour mill tale.

The Mayor of the City, Dennis Wellington, spotted the following while leaving the Three Anchors cafe and restaurant.

He then noted a small gathering around the gate to the sand and weed filled site. This is what he saw:

Most viewers thought these two items funny and, occasionally, hilarious, but not the Mayor, he, the rumour mill maintains, burst a pipe and made no secret of it.

When this writer attended the scene, he found the agent for the property, Jeremy Stuart, leaving the gate behind him and no sign of any sign. Gone. Removed.

One new addition to the fence was left, however, and what a generous gesture, given the time of year.

Things got worse.
People held their anger.
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